Reimagining value-driven change

led by Chief Value Officer Dave Philp

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Cohesive understands that each customer has unique challenges, business objectives, and value profiles that need to be understood, opportunities explored, and reconfiguration patterns established for improved outcomes.

Cohesive's Value Office, led by Chief Value Officer Dave Philp, supports clients' change journeys. Our Value Office envisions and manages customer and stakeholder value. It solves multi-dimensional problems and creates data-driven solutions that foresee future business capabilities and organisational outcomes.

The Value Office's Value+ lab lets clients and stakeholders co-explore value definition and needs. Our clients can safely experiment, build impact pathways, digital sandbox prototypes, and iteratively learn in the lab.

Our Value Profiler also helps identify "what's keeping you awake at night" and connect related key business outcomes before strategic prioritisation against a multi-horizon model. Our workshop framework then examines each profile strand, potential outcomes, desired key results, and future capability needs.

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